FREE UPS Battery Disposal Service

Direct UPS offer a free* UPS battery disposal service for customers within the UK.

Direct UPS will collect and dispose of your UPS batteries free of charge dependant on the amount of batteries you have available. If you have only a few batteries, we may collect, so please call and have a chat with our collection team.

UPS Battery recycling is a recycling activity that aims to reduce the number of batteries being disposed as municipal solid waste. Batteries contain a number of heavy metals and toxic chemicals; their dumping has raised concern over risks of soil contamination and water pollution.

Most types of batteries can be recycled. However, some batteries are recycled more readily than others, such as lead-acid automotive batteries (nearly 90% are recycled) and button cells (because of the value and toxicity of their chemicals).

Other types, such as alkaline and rechargeable, e.g. nickel–cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium-ion (Li-ion) and nickel–zinc (Ni-Zn),can also be recycled.

Britain has to increase battery recycling from the current level of 2.8% to over 25% by 2014 and over 45% by 2016.

With a need to recycle an additional 200 million batteries per year within just 3 years we need to help the public by providing easily accessible collection points throughout the country.

EuroComs is committed to provide you with a free pickup service*. Whether you are a school, college, library, Hospital, Office you need to be aware of the legislation and rules concerning the disposal of batteries.

Many UPS batteries do not present a risk to health and safety if handled correctly. However, some batteries contain hazardous substances that can leak out and others can cause fires if short circuited, broken apart, come into contact with water or are heated up.

Therefore, the following common sense measures should be applied to limit the risk posed by the storage of waste portable batteries:

  1. 1. Ensure the batteries remain dry and cool
  • 2. Ensure that other wastes (e.g. paper) are not put into the container
  • 3. Ensure that batteries do not have trailing wires that can cause short circuits
  • 4. Ensure that batteries that can easily short circuit (e.g. button cells or batteries with large terminals) have the live area covered with tape
  • 5. Ensure that the container does not present a tripping hazard or obstruction
  • 6. Ensure that the container is stored away from combustible materials
  • 7. Ensure that the above issues are addressed by an updated fire risk assessment.

* Offer is dependant on the amount/weight of batteries that require disposal.

For more information about Direct UPS and our UPS Systems, please call sales on 01142 835 825 / 0800 009 6776.