UPS Replacement Batteries

Direct UPS supply replacement batteries for all the major UPS systems.

UPS Batteries are used 24/7 on all UPS's in which the average life can be around 3-4 years for 5yr life batteries and 7-8 years for 10yr life batteries, but this all depends on environmental and discharge cycles. For Commercial Office based UPS Systems, sealed lead acid batteries are considered most appropriate (VRLA).

Direct UPS supply all makes and models of valve regulated sealed lead acid maintenance free batteries for all UPS Systems. We can simply supply the batteries or using our own highly skilled engineers we are able to offer safe removal and disposal (With certificate) of old batteries and re-installation of new batteries proving their functionality all at a time to suit your business.

In order to get the ball rolling, we would need to know the Make & Model of UPS, KVA Rating and run time information.

Some UPS have 'hot swappable' batteries, which makes it easy for you the customer to install. We can offer any APC replacement battery pack at a very competitive price, usually on a 1-3 day lead time.

All battery services we offer;

  • Battery replacement service of all UPS Batteries
  • APC battery pack replacement service
  • Removal, Collection & Safe Disposal Service of all UPS batteries
  • Onsite battery test - Checks quality of batteries on current installation as well as provide a report
  • Environmental conditions test - Check temperatures in UPS room and advise if extra cooling is required
  • Cladded rack supply and build - Bespoke solutions for any UPS to give new batteries and extra run time

For more information about Direct UPS and our UPS Systems, please call sales on 01142 835 825 / 0800 009 6776.